Beauty in the Balance LLC 

Is  aWellness Community for 

Women of Color

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Beauty in the Balance LLC was created by founder Jessica Stewart who is passionate about embracing our diversity and healing through a variety of means. Jessica herself has found deep healing and growth through therapy and becoming a therapist but understands that therapy is not the end all be all. Community with other women on a journey towards growth and wellness matters. Sis Come Thru is an online forum and support space created with that aim in mind. Our motto is Queens Supporting Queens because we can't walk through life alone. Healing starts with self-awareness and we hope this space can offer a different form of healing for those looking for support. 

We exist to support women of color nationally and locally in finding wellness through education, community and connection.

We host online forums, events, and support groups for women of color


**This is not therapy or to be used as a replacement for therapy. If there is a higher need of care we encourage you to reach out to an admin or check your local Psychology Today directory to find a therapist.**