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Stressed Woman


Depression and it's many faces...

Depression looks different for many. I have helped those struggling with depression find the road back to hope and healing.


Sometimes depression can hit you like a ton of bricks that you never see coming. Other times you notice and slowly watch it approach you and feel the helplessness of not knowing the skills or tools to stop it. And for some it may feel as though you have never known life without it. All these can lead to feelings of hopelessness about the future. 


For many people depression isn’t a one time occurrence and may return again and again increasing feelings of hopelessness each time.


Depression will tell you, “I am alone”, “this will never get better”, or “I can’t do anything right”. It may cause behaviors of staying in bed for extended periods of time impacting school, work, or social life. It may also look like not getting sleep at all, plagued by never ending thoughts and sadness. For others they are able to put on their masks for the world operate through the day to return home feeling alone, caged, and in a dark place. It can be difficult for teens facing depression as their symptoms can be written off as “normal teenage hormonal moodiness”.


Where ever you may fall in your journey with depression, know there is help. You are not alone. It is my aim to walk with you using evidenced based treatments to give you the tools to cope and walk towards a life of hope and joy. If you are here, you have already taken the first step in seeking help and for that you should be proud. Reach out today to schedule a consultation call. I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

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