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Journey to find the beauty in the balance...together.

Happy Friends

 Creating, finding, and leaning

into balance is OUR form of healing,

and healing is OUR act of resistance...


Beauty in the Balance is a community space that aims to help Queer, Black, and Indigenous, Women, of Color journey towards increasing balance, and emotional wellness in life through community, education, and self exploration.  ​ Accessibility and connection to healing spaces is our passion here at Beauty in the Balance. Join us for our next event and sign up to join our support group!

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The Founder and Owner

Jessica Stewart, LPC

Welcome! I'm thrilled you're here. Let me share a bit about myself and my mission.

I am a proud child of Nigerian immigrants, raised in the United States. Honoring my cultural identity is a core value, and I strive to bring my authentic self to both personal and professional spaces, encouraging others to do the same.

As the Chief Program Manager at Open Door Talk LLC, I provide leadership and services to the Northwest Georgia community. My professional journey centers around advocacy and empowerment, with a focus on the rights of Queer, Black, Indigenous, Women/Girls of Color (QBIWoC).

I wear many hats in my work. As an expert in human trafficking prevention and education, I have spoken, consulted, and trained nationally. My experience spans various counseling centers, school systems, and child welfare organizations in Atlanta, where I have supported individuals dealing with trauma, PTSD, domestic violence, addiction, grief, depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders.

I specialize in helping companies, individuals, and communities navigate and address societal interactions with historically marginalized identities. Through my work in both non-profits and for-profit organizations, I have observed recurring patterns of societal oppression reflected in organizational practices, leading to workplace trauma and burnout. Even the most well-intentioned spaces can inadvertently contribute to harm without psychological safety for employee success.

At Beauty in the Balance, our mission is to create thriving, anti-oppressive workspaces using research-based, culturally and trauma-informed tools. We aim to support the communities these organizations serve, focusing on the mental health and empowerment of teens and women of color affected by systemic inequities.

With a passion for village and communal healing practices, I bring years of expertise to this space. Holding space for others is my strength, but taking up space is my revolutionary practice as a Black woman. At Beauty in the Balance, we are dedicated to offering you this support and empowerment.

We look forward to embarking on this journey with you.


To create thriving, anti-oppressive workspaces using research-based, culturally, and trauma-informed tools, supporting the mental health and empowerment of women of color.


To empower and center the voices of  women of color, fostering environments where they can thrive mentally, heal from workplace trauma, and overcome systemic inequities.

Show Up for you Sis.

Here are the spaces to do so!

Plain Jewelry


As a therapist, I am passionate about helping you navigate your depression, anxiety, relationship stressors, and grief. I aim to provide a safe and courageous space where you can come and express the fullness of who you are while exploring your goals to achieve holistic wellness.

You are the expert on you. I aim trained in helping you navigate the journey towards healing. I specialize in struggles with anxiety (to include social, co-dependency, generalized, and life transitions), boundary issues, depressive disorders, and grief and loss. 


Our events create safe spaces for self exploration, connection, and growth. Check out pictures from past events.
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**Mindfulness and Mimosas**
Fighting for wellness and health with other

Black Women at Work

Support Group

Join our empowering support group for Black women in the workplace! Over six weeks, we'll explore themes using ACT and Black Feminist Theory to enhance resilience, assertiveness, and personal growth. Connect, share, and grow in a supportive and understanding space. Sessions are 90 minutes bi-weekly.

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Whether inquiring about therapy services, professional collaboration, or speaking engagements, contact us today!

**Free 15 minute consultation for therapy services.**


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